He is the founder of Jumpptech, a digital marketing and digital story telling company. He is passionate about Digital Marketing, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Blogging & Rally Driving. He is a national roller skating champion, winner of various awards and trophies in autocross and national car rally events and completing the tour of Nilgiris – cycling tour of more than 1000 km in 7 days with a cumulative climb of 7000 meters, are some of his personal achievements.


Mr. Shahid has spent 24 years with Apple, Intel, Microsoft and Dell-EMC in Sales and Alliances leadership roles managing Enterprise business in India and global markets.



Mr. Khan told us about his experience when he was working in Microsoft. He suddenly received a call from his company for an urgent meeting. He asked for an hour to get ready, but his company denied that and said: “you have to reach this meeting in the next 30 minutes”.


When he went to meet that person, he was none other than Mr. Sachin Tendulkar and he had gone to meet him to gift him a laptop on behalf of his company. He also had a conversation with Mr. Tendulkar for an hour and Mr. Khan told him about his passion for car racing to which he responded and said “what are you waiting for, if you love something, you should do that” and that is when Shahid decided to go for rally racing.


After learning the required skills of rally racing, he wanted to take one step further by opening a company for rally racing which was named Thriller life and it performed very well by providing rally experiences, although being the only Asian company in this field, it was a tough journey. The initial journey of his brain child was tough and even though the idea of a motor sports company was good but the way to scale-up the company was very tough.


Through his journey, he realized that he had learnt so many new things including coding, designing a website which revealed a new side to him that was being creative through which he discovered another interest of his that was “how to make money online”. There are several ways to earn money online through blogging and YouTube etc. For Mr. Khan, his motor sports company required a lot of preparation to organize an event and due to this, he decided to launch his company JUMPPTECH – a digital marketing company and he was successful at this because his 24 years of experience of corporate helped him in providing advice to the client for a successful marketing strategy and to grow their business with the help of digital technology.



An entrepreneur’s journey is not easy, as one has to face a lot of challenges as compared to the corporate world. In the corporate world, you have to go through same processes every time. But in a start-up, one has to develop new processes to follow up and survive.


He also explained that due to the COVID situation, it is now more difficult for a startup to co- operate with the changing scenario. He himself struggled for several years to get his company on the ground for the first time. While doing that, the most important value that was learnt by him was the “value of money”. Each and every penny spent should be considered and “value of time” should be considered simultaneously which means that there is a clock ticking in which you have to find success before somebody else acquires it.


For a successful startup, one must also learn about coding, making and designing a website and usage of software. The most important thing for everyone to understand is to “Fail Fast” and not just stick to one thing. If that one thing is not working, then one should find some other way to do it or find something else to do and try and succeed in that.


So what made him quit a high paying job. To this question, Mr. Khan answered by saying that he always wanted to do something of his own. He spent 24 years in the corporate world which made him get to know about how to make people work, how to motivate them and how to boost their morale. In India, motor sports was not very famous and he focused on this segment to introduce motorsport to the corporate world.


According to Mr. Khan in the current dynamically changing world, there are a lot of emerging trends which are as follows:


E-commerce: During these pandemic times, people are forced to use these tools as they have realized it is much more convenient to receive items at home rather than going out, so that has now created a whole new job platform.


Virtual meetings: These days everyone is using these tools including students, corporates, and families. Google meet and zoom have become a common phenomenon.


E-learnings: Most of the colleges, universities and schools are taking online classes and it has become more popular than ever.


OTT, online gaming: Netflix, Amazon, Disney have become a sensation because in the pandemic, people have been much free and they are spending time to watch content online. Even online gaming has grown by 41% in the last month and OTT gained an increase by 34%.


Freezer and cooler supply chain: In these pandemic times, even frozen foods is on huge demand and it has a led a lot of organizations to use freezing facilities and new devices are being developed for the same.

Dark or cloud kitchen: As people do not want to eat outside in this COVID times, these cloud kitchens will be in huge demand as people who would like to order from outside, will order and food from these kitchens will be directly delivered to their doorsteps.


Reverse Globalization: China has been the leading manufacturer of the world followed by America and every country is directly dependent on them for products and services but after COVID, countries will try to create their own business environment and industries where they can develop their essential items and goods.


Supply Chain Resilience – Supply chain must be improved after COVID 19 in terms of the collection in the warehouse, inventory management as these should be done in resilience.


Now, when we talk about the budding entrepreneurs, they must know how to get ready for the competitive world out there in the given circumstance, specifically after the COVID. So the question is how can we be better than others? How can we create values for ourselves, when we are applying for the jobs? So, we have need to know how to differentiate ourselves from others.


There are many ways to differentiate like:


Take a master program to have extra skills


Learn to code, embrace technology


Learn IT Specialization – Python, AI, ML


Create Online profile, produce valuable content


Challenge Yourself


Invest in Yourself, Learn new skills


Work hard, deliver excellence


Focus on the job, not on the salary


Desire to succeed


Make them want to hire you Key learning from the Q&A sessions:


When we are interacting with the customer there should be lots of personalization. Also, we should provide the chatbot which helps to interact with the customers in the non- working hour.


Before you want investment for your company, you have to make an authentic product to showcase.


Some of the jobs will go out due to AI. But AI is not about replacing people, but it’s more.


about increasing the effectiveness of the work.


There will be various opportunities for the entrepreneurs under “Made in India” scheme.


Improve our product development.


Before asking for any investment, they should have a MVP (minimal viable product).


After a wonderful talk with Mr. Shahid Khan, the students had a lot to learn from him such as the concepts of value for time and value for money.


Even more brilliant concepts of Fail Fast can help students in their professional and even their personal lives. The emerging trends were explained very well by Mr. Khan and we also understood that even during these uncertain times, businesses can flourish if the right paths are observed and taken. It was an incredible experience for the students to interact with our guest speaker.


We would like to thank Professor Kamalika Chakraborty and Professor Bhavya Tripathi for bestowing us with this esteemed opportunity which has helped students in innumerable ways and aspects. We would further like to specially give our token of thanks and appreciation to Mr. Shahid Khan, our guest speaker as he has graced us with his presence and enlightened us with the knowledge and more so, inspired us with insights from his professional and personal journey.


This session was organized by the students of ESIC “Innovation Incubation Committee”