Super Specialization | JAGSOM

When it comes to digital transformation, this specialisation taught us a very important lesson. One should start with the customer experience and then work their way backwards towards technology and not the other way round!

The three-week immersion pushed us to think fast and taught us how to put our best foot forward at all times. Being a finance student getting exposure to such specialisation definitely helped me in my learning and growth. The real-life problem that we had to work on for a company made us get an in-depth knowledge of the various courses learnt till now and applying the same to not only suggest but come up with an effective solution for the same.
The mentoring received by various dignified people at all times was what made the specialisation attain its purpose of imparting the concepts and making us apply design thinking skills in overcoming any challenge that may pose in front of us!

Saishwari Dhananjay Patil