Predicting the Women’s clothing rating based on the customer reviews

As a part of my INSOFE analytics super specialization program at IFIM Business School, I got introduced to new concepts such as deep learning models and an opportunity to work on this project.     In today's marketing campaigns, understanding consumer expectations is of utmost importance. Companies are beginning to shift to social media and various e-commerce sites as a medium for understanding their clients. Text analysis has become an important area of study in natural language processing Read more [...]

Predicting Alpha signals through micro-blogging data

Imagine if you can predict the movements of stocks by analyzing people’s sentiments. That is precisely what we did in this project. So, we had two type of datasets for this project, one is a excel file which has the 7 numeric factors used to predict the alpha signals and other one is a JSON file which contains tweets and sentiment scores of each tweet.   The JSON file is a huge one as it almost contained more than a million tweets in it and processing it was really challenging. For the Read more [...]

The startup story and finding your passion

LEADERS SPEAK : Episode -3 “The startup story and finding your passion” with Mr. Santosh Kotnis CEO & Managing partner SpringUp Capital   Introduction Mr. Santosh Kotnis came from a humble background. He was born in a village and went to a government school. He is an IIT-B alumnus and completed his MBA from University of Akron, USA. He has co-founded technology companies, has been an Angel Investor in Unique business models, built/scaled-up start-ups, built a micro-VC fund, raised Read more [...]


INTRODUCTION: He is the founder of Jumpptech, a digital marketing and digital story telling company. He is passionate about Digital Marketing, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Blogging & Rally Driving. He is a national roller skating champion, winner of various awards and trophies in autocross and national car rally events and completing the tour of Nilgiris – cycling tour of more than 1000 km in 7 days with a cumulative climb of 7000 meters, are some of his personal achievements.   Mr. Shahid Read more [...]

How to survive covid crisis?

Deepika Anu Sharma– Co-founder of is an IIM-Bangalore graduate and a tech- entrepreneur determined to bring science and structure into skill evaluation and training   She started her career by establishing a start-up called Mynkosh Sports Pvt. Ltd where she was the co-founder along with the product in-charge. She successfully built an active-entertainment and sports-gaming start-up, with a vision to integrate entertainment and fitness using the best of technologies. She Read more [...]

My two cents on Rossari Biotech limited

Currently in the news: “Rossari Biotech made a solid debut on Thursday, as the scrip got listed at Rs 670 on BSE, a premium of 57.65 per cent over its issue price of Rs 425. About Rossari Biotech: Rossari Biotech deals in specialty chemicals, on the onset the main characteristic of these chemicals is that they enjoy a huge margin laced with low volumes. It manufactures a whole range of products that find application in Home, Personal Care formulations, especially in the laundry and cleaning Read more [...]


  Author: Prof. Soumya Choudhury   From Marshall Goldsmith’s book “What got you here won’t get you there” (ISBN-13: 978-0739342237), we understood that the principles of hard work and efficienttime management done to progress in our careers till middle management was not enough to propel us to the corner office viz. the CEO’s office.   Many of us may choose to be satisfied as mid-level managers and not aspire further but what would be your reaction if I told you Read more [...]

Origin of Ethics

  Author: Vanshika Shukla   The other day I got into a verbal exchange with a friend of mine about how the idea of God is unnecessary for our ethics to evolve or to some degree for our sense of morality. He claimed that ethics refer to the rules provided by an external source, whereas, morality is something subjective and to some degree, he was right over his claim that science has made us more rational, which explains why we should reappraise ourselves before throwing away our heritage Read more [...]

Analyzing Chaos

  Author: Vanshika Shukla   The field of study I’m in deals with data science jargons like machine learning, deep learning, big data, neural network, etc. Although the mathematics or statistics involved in the algorithm of these terms are not new, the advancement in the computational power of the computers in recent years has made its application feasible in practical life without one being a statistician and has opened up a new horizon in every discipline. The intermix of domains Read more [...]

Value Of Experiential Learning In Business Management

Value Of Experiential Learning In Business Management Over the years, businesses in India have witnessed a rapid change in terms of geopolitical scenarios, technological advancements, and online marketing. In order to keep pace with this unprecedented rate of change, businesses are focusing on recruiting professionals with hands-on experience, who can make an immediate impact. Such a development poses a challenge for B-schools since they need to keep their MBA programs relevant in a very dynamic Read more [...]